Friday, December 3, 2010

Brick Riders

   Last night the river receded enough to allow us to return to our home.   We took the furniture and appliances down off of the bricks we had placed them on.  The historic crest of the river had brought ankle deep water on our first floor, so we hoped that placing those items on a few bricks would raise them out of danger. Fortunately the river crested far below that level.  While moving out some bricks I noticed we had some brick riders.

 Who wouldn't enjoy looking at that Lilliput world up close? 

Beautiful isn't it?

   Well, there is more than beauty on that brick.  There is a whole world. In order to observe some of that world, we need to use a microscope.  Other parts of that world just need a closer look.  For example, the mosses have an ingenious spore dispersal system.  I'm not prepared to delve any deeper tonight other than to post a picture of moss and a spore case.  Those posts can wait until another day.  Suffice it to say that observing "brick riders" can keep me busy for awhile.
For the reader who finds this interesting, I would recommend  a 10x hand lens for examining these tiny worlds. Also a book that gives an overview of mosses and lichens as well as miniaturized gardening, is the book  Forests of Lilliput; The Realm of Mosses and Lichens by John Bland.

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