Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wood Pile, Part III

Are you enlichened?
   This evening I brought in some firewood to photograph the lichens growing on the bark.  Soon I heard my boys comment, "Wow lichens are neat!"  That was easy.  I wonder if they will notice the lichen encrusted trunks and branches of the oaks everywhere they go?  Or the lichen painted boulders? Or the miniature forest growing on fallen logs? Well, at least the wood pile is becoming more than just a pile of firewood.
 I'm lichen it!
Lichen are "neat".  The reasons are many.  They grow in abundance in a great variety of habitats.  To me, the most fascinating thing about lichens is they are a manifestation of a symbiotic relationship. 

   A lichen is a composite of a fungus and algae.  The fungus provides structure and moisture, while the algae photosynthesize and provide food for the fungus. This symbiosis or "working together" enables the lichens to be successful just about everywhere you go.

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