Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Wood Pile

If you burn wood and are squeamish about incinerating critters you may not want to read this post.
 That's because my wood pile is a veritable zoo, and I'm posting a few examples of the residents.

 A sowbug.
One of the myriad of critters hiding in the crevices.

 Bark encrusted with mosses and lichens.
What you can't see, without magnification, is the hidden world amongst them all.
Light the lichens.

Meandering galleries of wood-boring insect larvae. 
Fry the frass.

The fruiting body of a fungus.
Busy slowly disappearing the wood.
Help the hyphae.
Remnants of mycelium of the honey mushroom.
When the temperature and moisture were just right, the "foxfire" shone.

Foxfire light.
The cool green light of bioluminescent fungi.
Actually, I enjoy both.

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