Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Subnivean Space

Can you guess what happened here?

The Winter World has a wealth of hidden wonders.


  1. Something to do with a bear?? looks like bear claw marks...

    I loved your family photo... GREAT! and just hearing from you and your families update was so nice. Obviously, I'm now your "newest" follower and so excited to learn from you - cuz your such an awesome cousin. :)

    I also have to tell you (and wanted to tell you this the other week, but forgot) that I love sharing something you've said... a long time ago. You might not remember saying this.

    Back when you lived in Canada... for some reason you were in D.C. for the weekend. Apparently while in D.C. - the area got two snowflakes and somebody got stuck in both of them.

    Do you remember saying that?? told us that. And, I have no idea how many times that "story" has come up as such a comical moment and cause for a great chuckle or two.

    It deserves to get published. ;)

  2. Hey Bevy,
    Good guess on the snow pic. When I saw your comment, it made me realize I should have put something in the picture for scale. That way the markings would have looked more bird sized.
    I don't remember making the two snowflake joke, but it is rather funny. Thanks!

  3. That was going to be my second guess - a bird picking up something out of the the snow...