Monday, February 7, 2011


No one has been down this trail for a while. 

The snow blankets the woods with silence.
The only sound is the occasional murmur of the Tangascootac when it briefly surfaces.

The silence is broken too when a flock of kinglets passes by, twittering cheerily as they flit along intently feeding among the branches of the hemlocks, sycamores , and witch hazel.

As I observed them hovering along the branches obviously finding plenty of what they were looking for, I wondered "what could these golden-crowned kinglets be eating?".  My search on the hemlock branches proved useless.   I'll have to look closer another day.  I had better success on the sycamores.  Here are some screen shots of a movie I took of a kinglet hunting under the sycamore's loose bark.

I did the same thing (the hunting, not the hovering) and immediately found this geometrid caterpillar (inchworm) under a large bark flake.

A caterpillar in the dead of winter! 
The temperature was almost zero this morning.  Is it frozen?

Let's check by poking it.

Now that is "cool"!

Thanks to the Golden-crowned kinglets, I'm off hunting other insects that are spending the long, hard winter unfrozen and very much alive.

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  1. Visiting over here from Bevy:) What cool photos! Our family loves nature and you have captured some really neat stuff for winter!