Monday, February 14, 2011

Winter Insects, Part III

   Since the Kinglets got me started looking for overwintering insects, I have found them under loose bark, right out in the open, and hidden in old stumps.

   The rotting wood of old stumps is full of holes from wood boring insects and there are also crevices and season-checks that shelter-seeking insects can exploit.

Here is a sampler of some hidden insects that I uncovered.

This click beetle looked very dead. But when I held it in my hand for a few seconds, it moved its antenna and set out its legs.  The stump provided the proper environment for this beetle to survive the winter by employing the overwintering strategy of supercooling.

 This wood-boring beetle larva could have been an icicle if it had not been programmed to cope with the cold.  When I disturbed the larva, it writhed around and threatened me with its pincers.

   The same goes for this spider that was waiting out the winter under a loose piece of maple bark.  When I poked it, the spider pulled its legs back in a pose that said "I'm gonna get you".
   Do spiders dream?  Because if they do, this one just woke up from a nightmare and spring is "a ways off" if it can't go back to sleep.

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  1. That's funny..."waking up from a nightmare".

    Nothing like disturbing the peace out there?!??!!