Thursday, March 17, 2011

Horned Grebe Visits Picnic

We were enjoying a lakeside picnic when a horned grebe came by the picnic table.
 The water is a little high at Bald Eagle State Park. The lake is used for flood control, and we recently had some rain that joined the melting snow to almost flood our rivers.

  Fortunately we could leave the grebe have a picnic table, since there were other tables on higher ground where we could eat.

Horned Grebe
 Even though the grebe still has its winter plumage, it is still an interesting bird. 
Check out its diving techniques.

 Out of sight enjoying an underwater picnic.
The "boiling water" (I forget the word) reminds me of when a whale dives.
Soon the grebe pops back up.
I'd like clothes that would bead water like those feathers! 
I was thrilled the grebe popped in on our picnic.

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