Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Bog Slog

I recently introduced my children to a bog I frequent.
My son said, "This is the most awesome bog slog I've ever been on!"
Maybe the reason was the the unusual scenery, or maybe the fact that the Red-spotted Newts were everywhere we looked.
Maybe one of the reasons the bog slog was so fun, was some of the salamanders reminded them of miniature alligators.

 Anyway, there are a lot more discoveries lurking in and around those dark waters.
My children are excited about returning to the bog soon.
They don't even know about the heron rookery, or the orchids, or the carnivorous plants. 
Just think of the discoveries and adventures that await other bog slogs!
I'll take you along with my posts.  See, Bog Slog II

Incidentally, here is a link for an explanation of those fluffy cattail heads pictured above.

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