Saturday, April 2, 2011


Look what's freshly poking up through the leaf litter!
These coltsfoot flowers are bravely taking a stand even as winter lingers on into spring.   These hardy plants were even snowed on.
Yet there they are, like little dabs of sunshine on a colorless canvas.
Coltsfoot like to grow in waste places like this roadside embankment.

  You will notice that the coltsfoot is all about the business of making seeds first.  The leaves will come after the flowers mature.  Another noteworthy fact is coltsfoot is mycorrhizal.  That is, coltsfoot roots have a symbiotic relationship with fungi.  This association enables coltsfoot to thrive in nutrient poor locations.
Tussilago farfara
Well, this was a short Nature Post on another early spring flower.
  Since the skunk cabbage is fading away, coltsfoot is just what we need.
A little sunshine.

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  1. I sure do love the bright yellow pops of color among the grey, drab of background.

    You sure do bring us some really cool photos and info about stuff I've never even heard of.