Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another update on the spotted salamander larvae

Here is another update on the spotted salamanders from my vernal pool.
The spotted salamander larvae have hatched and grown to about a half-inch long.
  They are rather shy and mostly spend the day hidden in the leaves on the bottom.  At night though, they are on the prowl in the water column hunting their prey.  You can see from the photos the spotted salamander larvae have developed a pair of legs and still have their freaky looking gills.
I found a curious one who didn't mind posing for a few shots.

 and the embryos slowly gliding around doing what I called the jelly dance.

I also posted about the
spotted salamander embryos and their algal symbionts.

I'll keep my eyes on the larvae.
As the spotted salamander larvae continue to grow, I hope to find another one that likes to "eye-up" my camera.


  1. Dana, what is a water column ?

    I've never seen salamander larvae before. They're wonderful.

    Still haven't found any here but I keep looking. We did find a pond (vernal pool ? gone by summer) with Peeper tadpoles. Would they be in the same area. The pool was in full sun ...

    I posted a pic on my latest post.

  2. Sybil,
    I was using the term water column for the area between the water's surface and the bottom.

    I saw peepers laying eggs in my vernal pool.
    I've seen salamander eggs way out in a bog in full sun. Hope you find them.

  3. Hey Dana, you linked back to this old post and I am happy to report that I have several salamander fry (?)still thriving in my pond. They seem to be at about the stage yours were in as of June. They are quite dark and hard to see. I'm gonna brave the mosquitoes tonight and bring a flashlight out so see if I can see them better. I also have teeny, tiny tadpoles. Some have got all their legs and are venturing out of the water -- other are getting close.