Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Bog's Cranberries

The cranberry flowers tint the bog a pink color right now.

When I see the cranberries thick in a bog, I think of the story book, The Legend of the Cranberry.    Mostly because I like digging up mastodon and mammoth bones, but the book does talk about the cranberries.

Legends aside, it takes a few things working together to make cranberries.
Cranberry Flowers
The bumblebees and bees need to be busy pollinating the cranberry flowers.
Also, mycorrhizal fungi help supply the cranberry plants with needed nutrients.

Fungus might be on the roots, but what about the fruit?  
There are still cranberries on the plants from last year.

The bumblebees, the mycorrhizal fungi, and the bog's little cranberry plants serve up the berries for our cranberry sauce.

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  1. We have a very productive cranberry bog not far from here. Don't think they're flowering yet though -- I should check that out.