Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dangerous Looking Dobsonfly

Just the other week I posted about finding hellgrammites that were beginning to pupate.  I mentioned that after they pupate they emerge as dobsonflies. Well, now those pupae must be hatching because the dobsonflies are starting to show up.
Male Eastern Dobsonfly
The male dobsonflies have those nasty-looking mandibles.  Those large mandibles look worse than actually are, although they do use them defensively.  In the ice cream bucket below, this dobsonfly is doing a couple of defensive actions.
   By the way, that isn't ice cream along the right wing of this dobsonfly; rather, it just sprayed some of its chemical defenses.  Dobsonflies excrete a foul-smelling liquid for defensive purposes.

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  1. What an interesting insect. Don't think we have those here in Nova Scotia.