Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painted Lady Butterfly

I encountered this painted lady butterfly while I was walking through a meadow today.
 The painted lady was visiting some clover blossoms.  You can see it is a rather tiny butterfly, not much bigger than a clover head. Pretty little thing, isn't it?  Pretty amazing too, if you stop to think about it.
Painted Lady Butterfly
Look at that proboscis probing for nectar...that's a sweet tool. What about those antennae?  They are sophisticated sensory devices.  What information do they relay to the data processing center?  Smells, sounds, wind speed and other directional information?
Don't forget the wings scales and their pretty colors and patterns.
That's some great technology bundled in that little butterfly.


  1. ha. I just read a book to the kiddo's before their bedtime about butterfly's. The Painted Lady was one of the featured butterfly's it talked about.

    It is simply amazing... Metamorphis and everything else about them.