Monday, June 20, 2011

The Purple Pitcher Plant's Flower

The Purple Pitcher Plant is one of my favorite bog plants.
   The Purple Pitcher Plant is a carnivorous plant with a beautiful flower.  I love to go to the bogs in early June and see those flowers hanging there like little red lanterns.

Purple pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea
   The Purple Pitcher Plant's flower is designed to have the pollinator pass the stigma as it enters the flower. This is for the purpose of fertilization from pollen of previous flowers.  Then the flower gives the pollinator opportunity to easily leave the flower's interior by numerous trapdoors after it has come into contact with the flower's own pollen.
 A bumblebee just entered this flower through the entrance window by the stigma and it can leave by pushing against one of the petal trap doors.

In this photo I lifted up one of the trap doors to reveal the flower's interior.  The photo below is a cut-away view of the flower

Cross-section of the Purple Pitcher Plant flower
 There is more pitcher plant information and a labeled cross-section of the flower on my web page about the Purple Pitcher Plant .
 I also posted about the Purple Pitcher Plant's Pitchers, and an introduction to the
Purple Pitcher Plant.


  1. Arlyn Kauffman6/22/2011

    Nice camera work, Dana!

  2. Arlyn,
    I wish all my pictures would turn out nicely composed and focused etc... but I always say, "nothin's easy".