Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spider Versus Wasp

Blue mud daubers and other predatory wasps hunt spiders.  The wasps sting the spiders to paralyze them and then provision their nests with the spiders.  The wasps' larvae feed on the spiders.
  I saw the struggle out of the corner of my eye.  I actually caught some of it with my camera.  When I saw this wasp in the spider's web I wasn't sure who was going to win.
 While I switched to my zoom lens the wasp and spider disappeared.  Fortunately, I saw them at another window (a second story window).
The wasp carried the spider up to the top of the shutter and then went behind it, where I presume, there was a nest.
  Other spiders have webs at strategic places around the outside of the house where I hope to see the blue mud dauber in action again.  For that matter, any solitary wasp busy doing its thing, is something I enjoy observing.

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