Friday, July 15, 2011

Leaf Shelter

I've mentioned before that lots of interesting things happen in my backyard. 
Today I noticed a leaf shelter constructed from two black locust leaflets.
Two-Leaf Shelter On Black Locust
 The two leaflets are tied together with silk and the shelter's occupant has been munching "windows" in the leaflets.
 Here is a photo that shows the silk holding the two black locust leaves together.

 I pulled the shelter apart to reveal its occupant.

 Here is another photo of a caterpillar that constructed a black locust leaf-shelter and has been busy skeletonizing the leaves.
The caterpillar quickly left the cratered excavation scene... it is hiding off the edge of the leaf on the left.

Anyway, see what I mean?  Craters are being dug under a leaf right in my back yard

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  1. Oh wow ! Love the shot with the "glue" on the edge showing ...