Monday, September 19, 2011

Miniature Moose Beetle

Isn't this a rather odd beetle with its fantastic antennae?  They remind me of Moose antlers.
I specifically took the photo at this angle to show off the beetle's Moose-like resemblance.
   Now, "Moose Beetle" is just a name I "cooked up".  The real beetle's name is forthcoming in my next my regular readers know, I occasionally post mystery photos of natural oddities for the fun of it.
   Thankfully, some children alerted me to the presence of this beetle on the side of an old school house.  They came running and said, "Hey Dana, you should come see this weird bug".  I guess I must have a reputation for liking strange critters.
Here is a link to the follow-up post on the Moose Beetle.

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  1. Hey Dana ! Looks like some alien overlord come to enslave us all, unfortunately he failed to take into account the fact that we could step on him !