Monday, October 17, 2011

The Case Of the Missing Face - A Homeschool Science Experiment

We did this homeschool science experiment because some things have been going missing in our yard. 
 I had the boys lay a trap to see if they could determine what was to blame.

One evening we set out a leaf face.

 The next morning the face was missing.
Only one leaf remained where we placed it... the leaf from the right side of the smile.
We observed that most of the leaves had been moved to (incorporated into) little piles of dirt.
  That would seem to rule out a breeze blowing them away.
 Something else must be to blame.
Can you name the culprit who is disappearing our leaves?
Later we caught the culprit red-handed, and I'll post about it next.


  1. Something like a trap door spider ?

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