Friday, November 25, 2011

Lichen It?

Sometimes when I'm in the woods, it seems all I see are lichens.
 Perhaps you folks heading out into the woods for deer season will momentarily turn your attention to the lichens.....
 ...if the woods seems dull and empty.
Just look at the nearest tree; there is a good chance the bark is encrusted with lichens. 
Lichens are tremendously interesting.
   Lichens are a composite of fungi and algae.  The fungi provide a structure and absorb water while the algae provide the food from photosynthesis.  This symbiotic relationship enables lichens to be very successful and grow almost anywhere.
Lichens also paint the rocks... time stains.
Lichens are even in my wood pile.

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  1. Lovely images Dana. I love lichen. Almost time for me to get back into my woods ...