Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Mushrooms

  A post on Winter Mushrooms (Flammulina velutipes) for the first day of winter.
Winter Mushrooms - Flammulina velutipes
These are cool mushrooms...they don't mind the cold, or the snow. 
Winter Mushrooms - Flammulina velutipes
   These winter mushrooms were growing on a dead elm in our fencerow. The photos were taken in December a few years ago .  They are commonly called Velvet Stem, Velvet Foot, or Velvet Shank Mushrooms.
   Obviously this fungus has a keen sense of gravity (not so sure about the photographer's). I have to think about the mushroom's mechanism of graviperception. One also wonders at this wood decaying fungus' affinity with cold weather and standing dead trees.
  A few mushrooms growing on a dead elm in the fencerow is a great reminder that the winter world is surprisingly full of bugs and beasts and botanical wonders. 
  Winter is here... the prospect of a cold, white blanket of snow isn't as bleak as it seems.


  1. Oh my Dana Love the mushroom shots, but the last snow image is stunning.

    Merry Christmas !


  2. Sybil,
    Yes, that was an amazing morning. We went out for a photo shoot and got some nice snow pictures. Also, we took some photos of frost covered spiderweds, but I can't find them for some reason.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Dana, I`ve seen dew covered webs, but don`t think I`ve ever seen FROST covered webs. I`d like to see those pictures. On a walk two days ago, I actually spotted a spider, walking on the snow.

  4. Sybil,
    Maybe the word, "web", was the wrong choice.... perhaps, spider silk, or gossamer, would better explain what we saw. If I find the pics, I'll use them in a post, although I'm afraid the computer "ate" them.