Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pink Earth Lichen On Shale Ridge

   I found this nice patch of Pink Earth Lichen alongside a trail on Shale Ridge in central Pennsylvania.  Since the lichens and their pink fruiting bodies were growing on the bank of an old woods-road, they were well positioned for easy observation and for taking photos.
Pink Earth Lichen - Dibaeis baeomyces
 As naturalists are apt to do, I made a big deal about these inconspicuous lichens to my fellow hikers.
   These lichens were much more photogenic and just as interesting as the last time I found a patch.... see my post Pink Earth Lichens And Crawling Naturalists.
My favorite picture of the lichens is this one...
Pink Earth Lichen - Dibaeis baeomyces
One reason I like this photo, is the way a few pink-tipped fruiting bodies are growing from a lichen-encrusted piece of shale (the rock measures 1/2" x 3/4").  Also, they are nicely framed by the moss and the small grotto.  The picture also shows how this lichen's thallus grows as a thin crust.
Here's the same subject but different angle...

In the photo below, notice  where the thin lichen crust has flaked off the rock.
Pink Earth Lichen - Dibaeis baeomyces
I posted previusly about lichens and briefly described what they are....see also this post about lichens.
 Pink Earth Lichens are rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but sure are worth a pause when noticed along the trail.
 The Pink Earth lichens look good there in the lower left of the picture, don't they?
It's possible that they can also make the naturalist look good... when pointing out such unusual things so easily passed by unnoticed.  The glory, though, belongs to the Creator.

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  1. I love pink earth lichen, such a fascinating hardy little plant. That close up shot is very neat, Dana.