Monday, April 23, 2012

Blooming Redbuds Beat The Snow

Blooming Redbuds decorate our hills and mountains with a lovely lavender this time of year. 
 I took these pictures about two weeks ago.
The Redbuds look especially good alongside the graceful, white Dogwoods.
Redbuds and Dogwoods
 On close inspection these blooming trees are a-buzz with bees and butterflies.  When I snapped this photo below, I caught a metallic green bee just as it left a Redbud blossom.
Redbuds love growing on limestone ground. That's one reason why we see many Redbud-covered hills while driving along in the ridge-and-valley section of Pa.
 Lavender-tinged hills are truly a beautiful sight.
I just had to post about the Redbuds today, since it snowed much of the day.  The mountain tops were white but the valleys were still a spring light-green color.  I kept thinking about what Redbuds would look like against a snowy background... but I stayed in the valley... lavender with green is nice.

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  1. Oh Dana, I want to press my nose up to the screen to see if I can get a whiff of those lovely blossoms. And to think that that was two weeks ago, and you've since had snow. Pity.