Monday, May 14, 2012

Wild Lupine On The Shoulder

In my last post I said I brake for flowers...
    ... so, true to character, I stopped to photograph these Wild Lupine... even though they were on the shoulder of a fairly busy road.
    The Wild Lupines are classed as rare plants in Pennsylvania.  In fact, I've read numerous places that the Lupines are extirpated in Pa.  Well, not quite... I know of at least three separate patches around here.  Some locations where I've seen them are rather remote compared to this patch.
Wild Lupine (Lupinus perennis) is also called the Sundial Lupine. 
 Such a lovely flower... too bad it's rare.

I've observed that the Lupine's bright blue flowers seem hard to see from a distance.  I always thought that blue shows up well out in nature.
   Another observation is... How easy would it be for a right-of-way maintenance person to wipe out these rare plants?  Mow them down?  Hose them with some weed killer?  Scrape them away while widening the road?
   Somehow, this Wild Lupine patch has managed to survive on the shoulder of this road, and I count myself privileged to have experienced their beauty and examined their amazing design.  I'll post about the Lupine's pollination mechanism and a few other impressive features in my next post.


  1. Dana, we have scads of lupines here, and they also come in pink and white. In another month the'll be out.

    While I was out today I came across a shallow pond that had just had several ATV's roar through it. While I was walking around the edge, I found a jelly mass on the grass by the pond. I guessed that the ATV's had propelled the mass out of the pond. I started searching and found 19 more around the edge of the pond. I collected them and took them to a nearby pond that the ATVers didn't use. I took a bunch of photos. I think they're salamander eggs but am not certain. Can I email you the pics for you to have a look at ?

    1. Sybil,
      Wow! Does a very large patch of lupine look as blue (if they are the blue ones) as when you are close to a lupine flower spike?
      You are welcome to send me those jelly mass photos... danatkin-at-comcast dot net. I've thinking about adding some pages to Nature Posts... like a home page, contact page, etc... just haven't got around to it yet.