Monday, August 13, 2012

An Unfortunate Butterfly

We usually see butterflies flitting around the yard.  It's not every day we see one dangling lifelessly below a flower.
 This Cabbage White Butterfly fell prey to a crab spider that had been waiting in ambush on a burdock flower.
 I didn't have to look far to find another crab spider ready to ambush some unsuspecting insect as it visited the burdock's flowers.
 Crab spiders commonly hide in flowers... ready to ambush insects that visit. They simply wait for a meal to be attracted to the flower's nectar or pollen.
 In some flowers the spiders are even more concealed and camouflaged than on this burdock.
The strategy of letting the flower do the advertising seems to be a rather successful one...
... but for the butterfly, that means every flower visit holds some danger.

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