Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Lives In A Waterfall?, Part II

   In my last post I asked the boys, "What lives in a waterfall?"  Well, something does love to live on the very edge of waterfall's rock ledges.  Aquatic insects have staked out their claim at the very edge of the falls.
   These photos are taken with my underwater digital camera...  looking downstream at a falls.  The white, cloud-like pattern is the swift water going over the edge of the falls.
 Yes, those patterns are from the swift water... not the northern lights. 
What a spectacular place to live!
Consider too, the incredible abilities of these aquatic insects, living there in that constant, rushing current.
For one thing, they don't get a break.  If they let go... well, you get the picture.
Up next, a post about these waterfall-dwelling aquatic insects.

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You might enjoy taking your own underwater photos with an underwater digital camera... here's the one I used.

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  1. I assumed an underwater camera would cost so much more than that Dana. Thanks for including that info.

    I would think it must be hard to hold the camera steady in the rushing water of the water fall. I never imagined that a critter would spend its life having to hold on tight or else ....