Monday, October 15, 2012

A Nature Photographer At A Wedding

This past weekend I was at my sister's wedding.
I took some candid shots.
Since I'm a nature photographer, I noticed among the photos...
.... some pretty flowers...

... and even some budding photographers at the bridal table.

 I believe the groom had butterflies in his stomach...

 ... so did the bride.

 It's no wonder....

 ... since it seems a recent frosting settled butterflies on the wedding cake...

 ...among the frosty roses.

   I didn't get a chance to try identifying the species of butterflies.  Although... I found they were a variety of edible butterfly... so, I ate one.
 The butterflies, for some reason, tasted like ice cream cone.

   On another note...
I think a sprig of Baby's-breath works magic with a calculator.

Oh yes, there happened to be a couple of ducklings present at the wedding.

All too soon it was that time...
 ... that time when the new couple leaves, and families are scattered again for a season.

    I know it's a stretch to post about a wedding on a nature website, but just so you know, there were no bugs in your wedding (only a few minor stitches).

 I'm thrilled you've found the fountain of love.
 I can say it was a very lovely wedding!


  1. It was. I was glad to be able to "celebrate" the day with them. For sure.

    That's funny. I would have never seen all those butterflies and ducks and extra little "details" hadn't it been for you - Dana.

    Good post.

  2. Love the nature slant on this post. Glad you didn't miss the chance for a "love bug" reference with the VW.