Thursday, October 11, 2012

A River Of Leaves

   The river is flowing full of leaves right now... thanks to the trees that are beginning to shed their colorful garb.
     In the photo above, the fallen leaves that happened to land in the river are floating thick on the water's surface.
    I love to watch the falling leaves make a few ripples when they splash down.  Often the leaves will then skate around a bit on the surface when it's windy.   Eventually the leaves sink...  I've seen many leaves cruising along well below the surface, or collected in bunches on the bottom. 
   When I see floating leaves, I think about the leaf-processing chain that is about to begin its work on the leaves. When leaves fall into a stream they supply an important source of energy for the stream's ecosystem.
   Just think...
 ... the worn out leaves that end up in the water, become a food source for bacteria and fungi, then shredding and filter-feeding aquatic insects, which, in turn, are eaten by the fish.
 The river is doing what it does best - carrying things downstream - like its load of leaves.  Leaves, which, in a round-about way, will feed the fish and the fisherman...
... at least here in the headwaters.
Leaves live a colorful life.


  1. Dana, I love the landscape around where you live. The first photo of the river with trees is gorgeous !

  2. Sybil,
    We love it too... it's one of the reasons we live it this area.
    That first pic is taken upstream from our motorboat while it was tied to our dock. A few ripples are visible in the foreground - resulting from stepping into the boat.