Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Elk In Pennsylvania

   We recently made our annual trip to Benezette to see Pennsylvania's wild elk.  We like to go this time of year when the elk are bugling.
bull elk in Pennsylvania
We usually try to incorporate a little hiking around for some interesting elk encounters... like playing hide-and-seek with these majestic creatures.
 This bull elk must have thought he looked like a bush.
   Imagine standing on the high ground with that bull elk right there...  in the misty distance an elk bugles... then an answering bugle sounds long and loud in the timber to the right... and another from the hilltop behind us.  Soon after we turned to go, this resting bull joined the music rolling off the hills and mountain ridges.
  We love to be surrounded by bugling elk.
   This time of year we usually get to see a few bull elk fighting.  The bulls can also be seen trashing young trees or plowing the ground with their antlers.  This photo of the bull elk fighting shows what might be better described as friendly sparring... they were playing and perhaps dreaming of the day when they get big...
     ... like the big bull that was watching them from the hilltop. (Last year we saw a real serious bull elk fight)
This big bull sure knows how to parade around with his set of antlers.
Big bull elk on Winslow Hill, Benezette, Pa
On the next hill over was another monster bull with a herd of about twenty cows and calves.
If these two bulls would clash... that would be a bull fight worth watching!
Oh, but, they were talking to each other.
Big bull elk bugling Can you hear those bugles?  The loud one from this big bull and the ones from the hills far away?  It's beautiful, just like the turning leaves.
Yes, that's why we head over to Elk County this time of year.


  1. Dana, are these all taken with a telephoto lens? How close did you get ?

    These photos are wonderful. Thanks for letting me tag along while you go tramping about looking at elk.

  2. Sybil,
    Yes, I took these photos with my zoom lens. Not all the photos were zoomed in because we were fairly close to the elk. Many of the shots were taken within a stone's throw. These particular elk seem rather fearless. That's a bit dangerous because its easy to forget they are wild and very strong.
    I'm glad you could "tramp" along... we usually take new folks along every year, but this year that didn't work out. I guess that's ok since I could "take along" people from all over the world.