Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mud Dauber Wasp Nest, Part II

Black-and-yellow Mud Dauber Wasps built several mud nests in our shed this past summer.  I watched this one as its construction progressed.
Here the wasp is provisioning the mud cell with spiders.
When the mud tube is sufficiently full of paralyzed spiders, she lays an egg in the cell and then seals it with mud.
Then the mud wasp plasters the "log pile" of cells with a blanket of mud.
Here she is putting the finishing touches on her work of art... a wasp nest that looks like a clump of mud.
 In an earlier post, I posted photos of the mud dauber's nest when she began to build it.  The photo below shows a completed mud dauber wasp nest.
What goes on underneath that mud blanket, in those tubes full of paralyzed spiders and wasp eggs?  See
Mud Dauber Wasp Nest, Part III.

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