Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Moth With No Wings

  There she was in the schoolyard, on the trunk of a maple tree...  a flightless moth.... a wingless moth...
a moth with no wings - a female Fall Cankerworm Moth
   I think this was a female Fall Cankerworm Moth.  She was very small... about 3/8ths of an inch long.
   It's somewhat of an oxymoron to think of a wingless moth.  However, there are quite a few species of moths that have flightless females.
a flightless moth
  About all these flightless moths can do is run around on the trees and emit pheromones to attract the males (the males can fly).  This strategy works, but it seems to me its a rather sad loss of genetic information... what if it were a butterfly without wings?
a wingless moth
   When I found this odd-looking moth, we were at a schoolhouse for family get-together.  I went around the schoolyard looking for anything interesting.  I showed this wingless moth to a number of people of various of age groups.  They all seemed intrigued by its lack of wings.
   A moth that has no wings!  I'd say that qualifies it as an interesting moth.


  1. Seems sad to me too. To not be able to fly ...
    I never knew about this sorta moth Dana. Thanks. As usual. :-)

  2. Anonymous11/28/2012

    Dana, Sybil is always telling me about your wonderful posts. I'm a former homeschooling mom and a nature nut :)

    I don't find a wingless moth sad at all. Nature's diversity never fails to amaze. It's no surprise to me that the Creator's artistry is beyond both our imagination and our understanding.