Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Stone's Throw Down The Trail With A Naturalist

When a naturalist goes on a walk in the woods...even if it's only a stone's throw... he sees many familiar and interesting things....he enjoys every bit of the world, such as the creatures that share the trailside.
   Today we made a short trail through the woods while hauling firewood to the pickup.  I noticed many
"friends" and small wonders, so I decided to do a post about the variety of things I saw from the trail in the woods.
   I pulled a few pictures from the trail and laid them out here in alphabetical order, like letters from my alphabet soup.
From our trail within a stone's throw of the road we saw...
Acorns sprouting
 Blueberry Stem Galls

Carpenter Ants

Dog lichens

Ebony Spleenworts

Fallen log communities
Galls aplenty... like this detachable oak leaf gall.

Hairy-cap Moss
Insects... on a cool fall day like this one crawling on a Rock Oak. I've previously posted photos of firefly signals.
Jelly Fungus

K captivated kids... especially when looking at a larva from a gall on an oak leaf.

Lichens everywhere

 Mouse evidence

New growth on the Mountain Laurel.
Oak Apple Galls

Pin Cushion Moss

Querus alba (White Oak)
Rocks covered in moss and lichens.

Spore capsules of some moss beside the trail.

Teaberry (or Wintergreen) see my post on Teaberry

Under the bark of a White Oak.... a hidden woolly bear caterpillar cocoon.
Q.Velutina (Black oak) with a variety of lichens on its bark.
Wood Fern fronds
foXfire... well, at least there's an "x" in foxfire.
This is the mycelium of the Honey Mushroom on a dead oak... with the right moisture and temperature this wood would glow with eerie foxfire light.

Yellow fungus on a rotting log.
Zig-zag tracks of wood-boring insects cover almost every piece of firewood on my truck.
When a naturalist goes on a walk in the woods... or even carries firewood... it can be a rich experience!


  1. This walk was lovely. Thank you so much!

  2. and whomever he lets tag along has a rich experience too. I was at a friends on Monday and she had picked some wintergreen for me to sample. Apparently chewing it can help relieve headaches ...and it's tasty too.

    1. Sybil,
      Yes, tasty fits Teaberry very well.
      Back in the 70's I remember seeing Teaberry in terrariums and I've appreciated it ever since.

  3. Next you'll be finding the alphabet in photos of things found in nature. I've done it around our farm (see my blog, under the label tag "Around the Homestead".)

    I dare you to take on the challenge. ;)

    Nice walk.

    1. Bevy,
      I'm on it!
      Actually, this morning I saw a giant old maple that struck me as a nice wye photo. I have a few photos of natural letters from over the years, but I'll have to watch more closely now.
      I like your "a" and your "o" in your "Around the Homestead" posts.