Monday, December 31, 2012

A Look Back

I was walking along a field lane and I turned to look back at where I'd been.
I saw this old wooden fencepost and barbed wire fence...
old wooden fencepost with barbed wire
...and this lovely country scene took me on a trip down memory lane.
   You see, I'm a country boy, and old barbed wire fences have long been part of my life.  I've crawled over and under many old barbed wire fences.  I've mended many a fence.  I've built new barbed wire fences. I've even helped patch up a prize cow that cut her jugular on barbed wire. 
   I reminded of one of my favorite spots at Grandma's house... the fencerow.
   An old barbed wire fence ran along their yard, from the road down past the Mulberry tree, past the orchard, past the hay field, past the woods, across the creek, and up the hill.
    Of course, I enjoyed the orchard, the bees, the trees, the cousins, and the garden tractor... but  probably not the garden.
   Near the house was a big clump of lilacs right beside the fence.
I would sit under the lilacs.  There was a fencepost right there... and it was similar to the memory-jogging one in the first photo in this post, except it had a big rotted-out knot hole that held sparrow nests, etc.  I would watch Meadowlarks sing as they sat on the top of the fencepost.  Often a row of curious cattle would watch me from the other side of the fence.

   I noticed some things in the recent fencerow photo that I've posted about on Nature Posts...  Teasel, cattails, thistles, and lichen.
   Since this is New Year's eve,  I'll mention some future posts I see in this fencerow photo.
barbed wire fence
In the foreground, and to the right of the fencepost, is a Chicory stalk and some Foxtail.
To the left of the fencepost is some Queen Anne's Lace.  I believe I see some Dodder, some asters, and various grasses along the fence as well.
barbed wire fence
   This old fencerow could be a lively, interesting place and would make some good subjects for future Nature Posts.  Unfortunately, this particular fence is far from home.  Perhaps I'll watch for an old barbed wire fence closer home.

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