Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Curious Holes In Acorns

You have probably seen fallen acorns scattered thickly on the forest floor.
You may have noticed many of those acorns have neat little holes in their nut shells.
Acorn with holes
Have you ever investigated as to what made those acorn holes, or pondered who calls an acorn "home"?
If you looked closely, you might have seen that some of those holes were sealed with some kind of membrane.  I call those sealed acorn holes, "acorn windows."
Acorn with sealed hole
   Acorns with holes and windows are cause for us to investigate in some Nature Posts, wouldn't you agree?
I'll begin the story of these acorn insects with a look at the acorns with holes, because to have an acorn window you need a hole to seal, eh?
  See my next post, Acorns With Holes.

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