Monday, December 10, 2012

Tasty Leftovers On A Squirrel Stump

I should clarify that title... the squirrel's leftovers look tasty. 
No, not the acorns, but the little bits of Wintergreen berries left among the debris on the squirrel's favorite feeding rock.
squirrel feeding sign
I noticed this squirrel's feeding stump, (well, rock) where it likes to perch and feed on acorns.  From the looks of this squirrel's (or chipmunk's) leftovers, I think it likes to top off its bitter acorn meal with a bit of Wintergreen for dessert.
squirrel feeding sign on a rock
The feeding sign of squirrels and chipmunks is easy to spot on the occasional stump or rock... and can be educational and even entertaining.
wintergreen berries among debris of squirrel feeding sign
Whatever was chewing on this Wintergreen berry didn't take much...  maybe it was just a breath-freshener.  Can you imagine acorn breath?
Wintergreen berry and acorn debris
This squirrel who likes the taste of Teaberry lives nearby the wintergreen patch where I took the photos for a previous post about Wintergreen.
Oh, and I noticed that something else daintily sampled this wintergreen berry... perhaps a shrew?
something nibbled on this wintergreen berry
... makes me wish I would have sampled a few Wintergreen berries as well while I was out walking my camera.

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  1. While walking with Amy-Lynn (Flandrum Hill Blog) I often get handed wintergreen berries to munch on. They REALLY do taste like those pink wintergreen mints.