Saturday, December 1, 2012

The New and Improved Nature Posts

    I started Nature Posts two years ago today.  I have made some recent changes, so I thought it was fitting to announce those improvements.
   You've probably noticed the new tabs along the top. I hope these new pages are useful for readers who want to navigate the many posts about nature on this site.
   I've also added my email address to the "About Me" page.
   You may also have noticed, in the last few weeks, that I am photographing life through a different lens.  I now have a new macro lens, hence, better quality pictures are in store for this site.

Here are some examples to underscore the improvement in photo quality.
 This shot was taken with my new lens.
 I had been working on a post about dog-lichen... but my photos didn't really turn out, so neither did the post.  Now I expect they will turn out.

 In one of my early posts I asked if you've ever met a sowbug face to face...
Well, I went out to the woodpile and found a sowbug to photograph with the new macro lens...
How's this for a sowbug face?
How about this photo of the whole beast...
... compared to the old one?

Here is another set of photos for comparison's sake...
   I have been working on making a post about Beaked Willow Galls.  This is a photo of the inside of one of those galls, taken before the macro lens...
... this shot was taken with the new lens.
What a difference a lens makes!

    I could do all my posts over again, eh?  Perhaps I could replace the photos...
   Suffice it to say, that from now on, I hope my photos will better capture the beauty displayed in nature.
 This is going to be fun!
... looking at life, especially the small things, through a different lens!

Feel free to comment about ways to improve this website.


  1. Dana, I've loved your informative posts and complementary images all along -- post-macro lens -- even more so !

    Congrats on the new lens.

  2. Audrey9/08/2013

    Are the pictures of the Beaked Willow Galls of the same thing? like at the same time?

    1. Audrey,
      If I recall correctly, these were different galls and the pics were taken a few days apart.