Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flowers For The First Day Of Spring

Today is the first day of spring!  Yeah!
That of course means yesterday was the last day of winter.  Fittingly, yesterday the snow melted away and revealed some small flowers which had been buried by the recent snow.
early spring flowers under snow
Some folks call these early-spring flowers, Bittercress, and some call them Shotweed.  As you can see, Bittercress likes to get an early start on spring.
Bittercress poking through snow
Bittercress flowers were the first springtime flowers we noticed this spring.  These small, white flowers have been blooming in our yard since back in the very beginning of March.
bittercress flowers
Here are a number of photos of Bittercress from before the snow.
bittercress blooming in late winter
This next photo was taken to show the small size of the Bittercress plants we found growing around the house..
Bittercress flowers
Bittercress flowers are small enough to be easily missed while watching for signs of spring.
Bittercress or Shotweed flowers
Perhaps a few macro photos will help increase appreciation for these minute flowers that seem to not fear winter, or maybe I should say, "...these minute flowers that seem to anticipate spring as much or more than we do".
Bittercress flowers
Here are some close-up photos of Bittercress flowers.
Bittercress flower
Bittercress may not as beautiful as Hepatica - another early spring flower, nor is it as unusual and smelly as Skunk Cabbage, but all of these flowers are a welcome sight in the spring.
Bittercress flowers in late winter
  Bittercress gets the name "Shotweed" from its explosive seed dispersal system.  In about a month the Bittercress will have gone to seed and any disturbance of the plant stalks will cause a "rain" of small yellow seeds.   In a few weeks I hope to post more about Shotweed's explosive seed dispersal system.
Bittercress or Shotweed's ballistic seed dispersal 
  Some people think of Shotweed is a "weed", but I think Shotweed deserves a shout-out in the spring.  Hey, they're very small small plants, the flowers are cute (and not smelly), the seed dispersal mechanism is "cool", and the plant is an "early-bird".
Hurray, it's springtime again!

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  1. Love the amazing image of the flower coming out of the snow ...