Monday, March 18, 2013

Mink Tracks In The Snow

   We often see a mink running along on the far riverbank.  The other day when we saw the mink, it seemed to disappear, so we took the canoe over to the other side to follow its tracks in the fresh snow in hopes of finding out where it went.
The mink tracks led us right along the water's edge.  We were surprised at the distance between the sets of tracks... perhaps the mink was in a hurry... although, the mink didn't seem to mind exploring around logs, etc.
  We found that the mink tracks disappeared into an old willow tree trunk. We concluded the roots of this willow, and the riverbank in back of them, are a great den-site for a mink.
 This willow is easily observable from our riverside home... only problem is, the opposite bank is too far away to take good photos of the mink with the camera equipment we have presently.  Oh well, sometimes the mink swims the river...
... maybe one day it will show up at our doorstep.

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  1. Dana, what a lovely spot you live in. And how marvellous it is that you appreciate it