Sunday, March 24, 2013

Signs Of Spring

I saw some signs of spring this afternoon! 
Coltsfoot flowers beside the road
 Coltsfoot was blooming by the side of the road.  Take note of the snow in the background (upper left) of this next picture.
coltsfoot flowers in March
 There is still plenty of snow in the woods and on the mountainsides but here on this south facing side of the road it looks more like spring.
Coltsfoot on the roadside
 I saw a few other spring flowers today such as Bittercress and Skunk Cabbage, but the cheeriest flowers were definitely the Coltsfoot.
Coltsfoot flowers
I guess Coltsfoot takes seriously the coming of the first day of spring.
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  1. Our Coltsfoot isn't even out yet. Soooo very tired of winter Dana.