Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now That Is Camouflage!

I was walking along in a sunny spot in the woods looking for a certain kind of leafmine when I found this camouflaged creature.
Can you spot it?
The camouflaged creature thought itself hidden so well that it allowed me to move branches and take photos within a few feet it and she didn't move a bit.
More coming soon...
See the follow-up post about this camouflaged woodcock


  1. Tapping foot ... waiting ...

    1. I think I see a rabbit's eye, but I'm not sure . . .

  2. Anonymous4/24/2013

    what animal is hiding in the leaves.
    i couldnt find him.

  3. Thanks to all of you for looking for the hidden creature and commenting...
    Here's a hint: in the lower right of the photo is a well-camouflaged bird. It is a Woodcock that is sitting on her nest.