Monday, April 29, 2013

What Happened In The Willows...

Really, it wasn't in my plans to stop at the willow patch.
Someone had already taken the spot where I was going to park, so I kept on driving down the dirt road.  That's when I saw this patch of willow shoots by the side of the road.
Willow bushes by the road
From the car window I could easily see that the willows, and especially their catkins, were attracting quite a variety of insects.  So, I pulled over and got out my camera.
   What I saw in the willows will keep me busy for a while.
   I'll share some of what I saw in the willows.

For example;
I took this amazing photo of a metallic green Halictid bee covered with hitchhikers.
Halictid bee with hitchhikers (triungulin)
I know... it looks gross, but really, if you know what's happening it's most intriguing rather than repulsive.
   Come back soon to see some more of what I found in the willows when I post about the hitchhikers on this metallic green bee.
   Incidentally, I forgot about my original plans back the road at the occupied parking spot. Now my car might be parked at either spot.

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  1. I'm hoping the "Hitchhikers" are babies and not parasites.