Sunday, June 23, 2013

Azure Eggs On The Swamp Dogwood

   About a week ago, our viburnum bushes and our Swamp Dogwoods were all a-flitter with little blue butterflies.  Since the Swamp Dogwood flowers weren't open yet, I was drawn over, naturally, to see what was attracting all of these Azure butterflies.  I immediately noticed that the Azures were laying eggs on the Swamp Dogwood's unopened flower buds.
Azure butterfly laying eggs on Swamp Dogwood flowers
   I was exceedingly pleased to see this, because I knew the little drama that would soon unfold in our backyard.
Azure butterfly laying eggs on Swamp Dogwood flower buds
Do you know what happens on the viburnums and the Swamp Dogwood after the Azures lay eggs on the flowerheads?

Stay tuned... I'll need some breeze-less days to capture photos and video of the caterpillars and their ants and their little drama happening now in the bushes


  1. Hi Dana! Beautiful photos! I just found your blog - love it! Is there a way to follow your blog with Bloglovin? I don't want to miss your posts!

    Science for Kids Blog

    1. Sue,
      I think you can follow on Bloglovin's site by entering in their search box.

  2. I look forward to what happens next ...