Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The White Squirrel of the Riverbank

We had a surprise the other day when we saw that an albino squirrel was passing through our yard.
an all white squirrel  -- an albino squirrel
 We've seen this white squirrel on our river bank before, but always it was down stream a ways and I never was able to get a picture.
albino squirrel
 We only saw the white squirrel for a brief time before it ran up our Catalpa tree and jumped over into the locust and oaks and was gone.  At least I was able to snap a few photos while this genetic anomaly was passing through our yard.
Albino squirrel
   Gray squirrels are common sights around here, and if you ask me, they can stay away from our place... especially our bird feeder.  I might make an exception if this albino squirrel would decide to hang around.  Now if only that coal-black squirrel I saw a few weeks ago (it crossed the road in front of me about 10 miles from home) would stop by for a visit.... I wouldn't mind if it would hang around here either, as that would be rather interesting.

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