Monday, September 9, 2013

One Night-Singing Insect From A Chorus Of Katydids And Crickets

   Have you been enjoying the chorus of night-singing insects this summer?   I've been listening to the wondrous variety of night sounds... from crickets, to katydids, to trigs.  When I get a chance, I try to sneak up on the singing insects and observe them as they produce their songs.  The other night, I was out stalking night-singing insects when I heard a 'skritching' sound coming from a dead Rhododendron bush.  I believe what I heard was a Clicker Round-wing Katydid singing from the bush.  Because there were no leaves to hide this green, katydid-looking insect, it was easy to see.
  I snapped a photo of this round-winged katydid (Amblycorypha sp) as it sang its 'skritchy' song.
Clicker Round-winged Katydid

Then I took a video of the katydid singing.
In the video, you can hear a loud chorus of katydids as well as various other sounds of night-singing insects.  Listen close for the calls of the Clicker Round-winged Katydid in this video.
Notice in the video of the katydid singing, how the katydid makes its sounds by rubbing its fore-wings against each other.  That stridulary area is a light tan color, while the rest of the katydid is all green. 
 Yes, more posts about night-singing insects are coming soon.  In the mean-time, check out my post about a cricket that sings through a hole in a leaf to amplify its song.

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  1. Always enjoy your videos Dana. It seemed to be barely moving to create that sound ...