Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pokeweed Deer Browse

   We are sitting in a patch of Pokeweed watching for wildlife.  We saw plenty of deer sign here among the pokeweeds and realized that deer had been browsing extensively on the Pokeweed.
Pokeweed or Poke Berry
    Now, Pokeweed, or Poke Berry is a poisonous plant.  We were somewhat surprised to see the evidence of this unusual food choice.  We reckoned that the deer add them into their diet just to spice up their life because the patch of pokeweed is in the middle of a field with plenty of grass to feed on.  Not only that, but the field is surrounded by an oak forest with acorns galore along with every other kind of deer browse.
   Here is a photo of pokeweed with sign of deer browsing in the upper right of the photo.
Sign of deer browsing on pokeweed

Here are two more photos of the poke berry stems showing signs of deer browsing.
deer browse on pokeweed

Deer browse on poke berry
  Perhaps if we wait long enough, we'll see some deer feeding on the pokeweed and I'll be able to snap a picture of the deer adding a bit of 'zing' to their diet.
  See evidence that deer used the pokeweed stalks for buck-rubs.


  1. and it doesn't upset their tummies ?