Monday, February 24, 2014

Snowy Owls in Pa

   We have been hearing about Snowy Owl sightings in Pa.  After numerous visits to the area with the hopes of seeing one, I finally was able to spot the Snowy Owls with some timely tips from a friend.
   While on a previous trip to spot the owls, I told my son that I wanted to get a photo of a Snowy Owl as it sat on the snow with some cornstalks in the foreground and from a perspective that was looking slightly up at the owl.  Well, here is my photo of a Snowy Owl that is close to the one I dreamed of snapping... is just isn't as sharp as I would like.
snowy owl in Pa
... it was a quick shot and was slightly blurred by my unsteady hands.  I wish I would have added to my dreaming that I wanted a sharp photo of the owl.
   The experience of seeing these large white owls from the far north was spectacular, even though my photos didn't turn out to be anything great.  Just look at the wingspan on that large owl as it flies low across the snow-covered fields.
snowy owl flying low across a snow-covered field
The owl's wingspan must be close to 5 feet.
snowy owl flying across a snow-covered field
One of the Snowy Owls took a break from pretending it was out on the tundra and perched on the roof of a shed for a few minutes.
snowy owl sitting on a shed roof
That's a big owl!  You can see some truck tires leaning against the posts of the shed and use them to give some scale to the picture .
snowy owl sitting on a shed roof
Here is a photo of a very white Snowy Owl sitting on a fence post.
snowy owl on a fence post
Here is a photo of  Snowy Owl winging off over the hill...
snowy owl
... to hopefully be seen another day.


  1. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Hey, glad you were able to see them! I swung by owl country on my way home from work today, and saw both the County Line and Fort Rice owls. The Game Commission was trying to trap the Fort Rice owl (for banding purposes, I presume). It responded to the electronic distress call, and live pigeons, but I had to leave before I could see if they were successful or not. They are still around! Tim

  2. This seems to be a banner year for Snowy Owls ! I have seen several this winter after only ever having seen one before. Happy stalking !