Thursday, March 6, 2014

Agitated Ducks, A Harried Mink, and a Riverbend

   The neighborhood ducks approached from across the river, quacking and making quite a fuss.  I didn't see right away what the commotion was about.  I thought at first that they were upset at me, for they passed noisily in front of me. 
domestic ducks harassing mink
Directly in front of me the edge of the river was out of sight because it was hidden by the steep riverbank.  But, out to my right beside our dock, I soon spotted what the fuss was about... a mink was swimming up the river and the agitated ducks were in hot pursuit.
mink swimming river
 Up river a piece, the mink left the water and scrambled along on the riverbank.  As you can see in this next photo, the mink was being harassed even on the shore by those noisy domesticated ducks.
domestic ducks pesting mink
 The harried mink crossed the river, but the pesky flotilla was right on it's tail.
ducks chasing mink
 The pursuit continued out of sight around the riverbend.
ducks pursue mink
I reckoned the ice-cold water was too dangerous, or I would've put in the canoe and joined them.
I'll always wonder what happened around the bend...


  1. Amazing that you managed to capture this encounter Dana.

    1. Yeah, I just wish I would have seen the mink coming...