Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Mergansers and a Fish

   The mergansers have been fishing relentlessly in the river in front of our house.  We have seen as many as seven mergansers actively diving for fish, sometimes all at once.  Imagine a moment on the river with seven areas of spreading ripples... a short while later seven diving ducks pop up from their dives. In this post there are photos of the three kinds of mergansers that visited the river in front of our house... one of the pictures shows a merganser just after it caught a fish.
   Here in this photo, a Common Merganser is flaunting its catch - which happens to be a rather nice-sized Perch.
male Commomn Merganser with fish
  If you haven't had the privilege, sometime you should see a merganser swallow a fish!

   This next photo shows a male Common Merganser.  They seem to be the most common ones we see around here.   Maybe we tend to spot them more often because of their larger size combined with their bright white-and-black markings.
male Common Merganser
 Here is a photo of a female Common Merganser.
female Common Merganser

  Occasionally we see Hooded Mergansers.  They seem to be passing through and are rather elusive - staying mostly along the far riverbank.
pair of Hooded Mergansers
 In a post a couple of years ago, I posted a photo of some Hooded Mergansers putting on a display.

   Now, the Red-breasted Mergansers, on the other hand, are very common like the Common Mergansers and seem to be somewhat braver than the other species.  Here is a photo of a male Red-breasted Merganser that came by to investigate me.
male Red-breasted Merganser
They sure have an fascinating crest.
male Red-breasted Merganser
 Sometimes in the morning my hair looks like that. 

That said, I don't know that I ever looked like the Red-breasted Merganser with the "swollen neck" that I posted about a number of days ago.... I will soon show the series of photos I took of the events surrounding that 'Merganser with the mumps'.

Anyway, the fishin' must be good.

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