Sunday, November 9, 2014

Broad-winged Tree Crickets

  As we walked along the trail, Broad-winged Tree Crickets sang their hearts out on this mild November evening.  They sang so loud that our ears were ringing when they paused from their very long songs.
   Although their calls were loud, they were quieter and lower pitched than normal --  mellowed by the cool, fall weather.  The cold makes them sluggish.  In fact, the tree cricket's calls sounded forlorn and pitiful to me.  Perhaps because I knew that very soon they will fall silent when even colder weather overtakes them.

Here is a photo of a Broad-winged Tree Cricket in a Mountain Laurel bush.
Broad-winged Tree Cricket

Here is a photo of a Broad-winged Tree Cricket as it calls, or sings, it long, loud song.
Calling Broad-winged Tree Cricket
What a thrill it is to search among the weeds and bushes to find the source of the sounds of the night.   Here is a video of our search for a singing Broad-winged Tree Cricket.

Here is a video of the Broad-winged Tree Cricket singing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see to focus my camera, but at least I was able to get one of these crickets singing on video before the cold silences them.

I suspect that's about the last cricket song we'll here this year - cold weather is coming fast.
Broad-winged Tree Cricket singing

The sights and sounds from along the trail...
... just before winter's cold changes everything.